Tree Seedlings and open-pollinated seeds available at EVON

Everything Organic Nursery is registered as a private limited devoted to sales of grafted fruit and nut trees, cuttings of grapes and berries, as well as production and sales of organic, open-pollinated vegetable and herb seeds. Our focus is always to experiment with new varieties that can produce well in Nepal's climate (ie. low-chill varieties and tropical cultivars), and appeal to Nepali tastes and markets.

EVON obtains local and imported varieties of fruit and nut trees.  After some years of cultivation, the trees are evaluated for their productivity in Nepal's climate.  If the results are positive, we propagate by grafts, air-layering, or cuttings.  The plants are available for sale in our nursery beds, and also for distribution to organizations or individuals. 

--- Please see our full, descriptive list of offered tree varieties here ---

Fruit and nuts are relatively easy to grow, high in nutrition, and easier to store and ship without deterioration. There is huge potential for fruit and nut tree cultivation in Nepal, with urban markets currently selling primarily imported fruits, and imported nuts and dried fruits currently constituting the majority of the Nepali market, especially around festivals like Teej. Our dream is to cover the Nepali countryside with a rich diversity of fruit and nut trees, so that Nepal can eventually export its surplus fruit and nuts, rather than importing.

EVON is also passionate about seed self-sufficiency, both for individual farmers and for communities. Nepal has such a rich local seed diversity that varies from place to place. Heirloom varieties are best adapted to each local microclimate, and have superior taste. Currently in Nepal, hybrid vegetable seeds are dominating seed shops and being distributed by organizations and the government. Since seeds cannot be saved true-to-type from hybrids, EVON advocates against this practice in the communities they work with. Saving organic, open-pollinated seeds for vegetables, herbs, and other crops allows farmers to save the cost of purchasing new hybrid seed every year, and it preserves the genetic diversity of local crops.

Please feel free to stop by EVON during our open hours to purchase seeds & tree seedlings. If you are thinking about a large order, or to inquire about quantities available of certain varieties, please contact Binod Puri (9841860033).

Grafted Fruit & Nut Trees

Current Seedling Availability as of February 2018. All grafted tree seedlings are 1000 NRs unless otherwise noted.


Deciduous Trees

Apple           Fuji
                    Chenango Strawberry
                    Dorsett Golden

Almond        All-in-One


Cherry         Bing (needs high amt. chilling hours)
                    Montmorancy (needs high amt. chilling hours)
                    Rainier (needs high amt. chilling hours)
                    Royal Lee (needs low amt. chilling hours)
                    Minnie Royal (needs low amt. chilling hours)


Nectarine    Double Delight
                   EVON's cultivar

Pear            Hood
                    Florida Home

Grape          Concord
 *500 Rs      Himrod

Walnut (KTM Best Flavor)

Pecan (KTM Best Flavor)

Peach         June Pride
                   Desert Gold

Gingko Bilboa

Evergreen Trees

Avacado       Hass
*3000 Rs      Mexicola
                     From seed (ungrafted)

Lemon          Meyers

Lime             Mexican

Macadamia  From seed (ungrafted)



Open-pollinated, Organic Seeds

Amaranth           Red
Arugula              US sourced, EVON cultivated
Basil                  Green & Purple
Bean                  Kidney (Rajma)
Bean                  Fava, Italian purple long
Bean                  Purple Lima (perennial Kavre)
Bean                  Sword
Broccoli             Romanesco
Camomile           German
Caraway            US sourced, EVON cultivated
Carrot                Touchon
Capsicum            Paprika
Celery                US sourced, EVON cultivated
Chia seed          US sourced, EVON cultivated
Chives                Garlic, Nepali variety (dhundu)
Coriander           Nepali variety
Corn                  Sweet, Golden Bantum
Dill                    US sourced, EVON cultivated
Fennel                Italian
Flax seed           US sourced, EVON cultivated
Kale                   Red Russian
Leek                   US sourced
Lettuce               Mixed varieties
Mizuna                Purple & Green  
Parsley               US sourced, EVON cultivated
Parsnip               US sourced, EVON cultivated
Quinoa                US sourced, EVON cultivated
Sweet Peas         Alderman
Spinach              New Zealand
Swiss Chard        Mixed colors
Tomato               Black Krim
Tomato               Black Prince
Tomato               Chocolate Cherry
Tomato               Cherokee Purple
Tomato               Indigo Rose



You are welcome to visit us or call to inquire about specific tree seedling and/or seed availability.