Trees and seeds available at EVON

Everything Organic Nursery is registered as a private limited devoted to sales of grafted fruit and nut trees, cuttings of grapes and berries, as well as production and sales of vegetable and herb seeds. Our focus is always to experiment with new varieties that can produce well in Nepal's climate.

EVON obtains local and imported varieties of fruit and nut trees.  After some years of cultivation, the trees are evaluated for their adaptability to Nepal's climate and tastes.  If the results are positive, we propagate by grafts, air-layering, or cuttings.  The plants are available for sale in our nursery beds, and also for distribution to organizations or individuals.  Our dream is to cover the Nepali countryside with a rich diversity of fruit and nut trees, so that Nepal can eventually export its surplus fruit and nuts, rather than importing.


Fruit, Berries and Grafted Trees

All grafted trees are 1000 NRs unless otherwise noted.

1.     Apple       Fuji

2.     Apple       Naomi

3.     Almond    All-in-One

4.     Almond    IXL

5.     Almond    Salimar

6.     Almond    Italian

7.     Almond    Garden Prince

8.     Almond    Paper Shell

9.     Almond    Thin shell

10.   Avocado    Hass    (*3000 NRs/seedling)

11.  Cherry        Bing

12.  Cherry      Montgomery

13.  Cherry        Rainier

14.  Chest nut    Chinese

15.  Fig          Violetta de Bordeaux

16.  Guava    Cherry

17.  Guava    Red

18.  Grape    Concord

19.  Grape    French

20.  Grape    Himrod

21.  Grape    Kyoho

22.  Grape    Steuben

23.  Grape    Red Olympia

24.  Lime      Mexican

25.  Muntala bania        EVON muntala

26.  Macadamia Nut     (*500 NRs per seedling)

27.  Passion fruit       Hawaii

28.  Pear       Bosc

29.  Pear      Comice

30.  Pear      Danjou

31.  Pear      Hosui

32.  Pear      Red Bartlett

33.  Pear      Seckel

34.  Pecan    Mahan

35.  Pecan    Mohawk

36.  Peach     Desert Gold

37.  Peach     June Pride

38.  Pinenut    Italian stone

39.  Raspberry       gold & red

40.  Strawberry      Sally

41.  Walnut     Pedro




Open-pollinated Vegetable and Herb Seed

1.     Arugula      US sourced

2.     Basil          green & purple

3.     Bean – kidney    Rajma

4.     Bean – Fava     Italian purple long

5.     Bean - Lima

6.     Broccoli    Romanesco

7.     Camomile

8.     Carrot        Touchon

9.     Capsicum     Paprika

10.  Chives       US sourced

11.  Corn          Golden Bantum

12.  Corn          Nepali variety

13.  Dill             EVON

14.  Fennel       Romanesco

15.  Kale           Red Russian

16.  Leek           US sourced

17.  Lettuce       Mixed varieties

18.  Mizuna       Japanese Mustard  

19.  Parsley      US sourced

20.  Peas          Alderman

21.  Rhubarb    US sourced

22.  Spinach     New Zealand

23.  Swiss Chard     mixed colors

24.  Tomato      Black Krim

25.  Tomato      Black Prince

26.  Tomato      Chocolate Cherry

27.  Tomato      Cherokee Purple

28.  Tomato      Indigo Rose



            Flower Seed:

 1.     Jantti

2.     Moonflower

3.     Poppy – Flanders red



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