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Directions to EVON in Patalekhet

By bus, about 3 hrs:

From Kathmandu, go from Ratna Bus Park to Banepa Bus Park.  Ask for the bus to Patalekhet (on the road to Sindhuli).  The bus starts from here, so you can get a seat.  You can also catch the bus in Dhulikhel at the Nabil Bank chowk, but you probably will not get a seat.


By car or motorcycle, about 1.5 hrs: 

From Kathmandu head towards Dhulikhel. As you enter Dhulikhel, there is a big intersection that T's off to the right, with a Nabil Bank on the corner.  This is the road to Nepalthok and Sindhuli. Patalekhet is 12 km up the Sindhuli road.

Landmarks along the way:  At 8km, there is a road on the right which goes to Nama Bodha (kavre bhanjyaang).  At 10km, there is Shree Hanuman Higher Secondary School, and a speed breaker.  That is actually Patalekhet.  At about 11km, there is a signboard on the right for Hasera Organic Farm.  At almost 12 km you will see signboards on the right and left for “Everything Organic Nursery”.  On the right is Chet Man’s Tea Shop.  There is a foot path up the hill which takes about 10 minutes.  When you get above the rocky part, make sure you turn left at the big black rock.  EVON is the upper house and garden. If you are coming by 4WD or motorcycle, there is a road about 100m farther that goes 1km to EVON.  It is rough and not advised for small cars or in wet weather.